cPanel FAQ

You can do this with a redirect. You will need to go to your old site's cPanel interface and navigate toRedirects (Home >> Domains >> Redirects). Set the old site's index page to redirect to the new site's index page.

If you wish for the old site and the new site to go to the same place but have not set up the new site yet, you can use a parked domain. A parked domain allows you to add a second domain name to your account that goes to the same website.

You can use the Download or Generate a Full Website Backup function (Home >> Files >> Backups) to perform a complete backup of your website.

You can use the Password Protect Directories function (Home >> Security >> Password Protect Directories) to create a login on your website. Simply enable password protection and then add the users to whom you wish to give access.

To manage multiple domains with one cPanel account, you can use addon domains.

Your account will have a main domain associated with it in order to keep track of the account.
You can add more domains with the Addon Domains interface. ( Home >> Domains >> Addon Domains).
You should add the domains outside of your public_html directory in order to keep track of them easily.

If you remember your old password, you can change your password in the Change Password screen in cPanel (Home >> Preferences >> Change Password).

If you have forgotten your password, your web host can reset it for you in WHM.

You can also reset your password via email if your web host has enabled the Email password reset setting on the Tweak Settings page (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings).

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